The days are getting shorter, professional and college football seasons are in full swing, the kids are back to school, pumpkins are making their way to displays everywhere—surely, autumn has arrived. Here in the Hamptons, the summer crowds have dispersed and life is back to normal. Well, what does normal mean? For me and my team, normal means, not working seven days a week at a frantic pace taking care of café customers and preparing and delivering platters and platters of foods for catered events. Autumn is a welcomed, old friend that gives us peace, relaxation, and time to enjoy life here. Our visiting J-1 student/employees have returned to their countries and staffing reduces dramatically allowing my team to take days off and leave early to get some much-needed rest and recuperation. As I write this blog, Anne and I have just returned from the Sagamore Resort/Hotel, located in Boltin Landing, NY, along the world-famous, pristine, Lake George. We enjoyed the splendor of the lake and grandeur of the mountains in the background. We simply enjoyed staring at this scenery for days, enjoying what is enjoyably opposite from the ocean and bays here in the Hamptons. Grudgingly, we departed for home, leaving the lake, mountains, and an excellent resort/hotel behind, knowing we had to get back to the Hamptons and jump back into business at the Golden Pear Cafes and autumn in the Hamptons.

Autumn brings about a shift to people’s desires and enjoyment of food. Culinary delicacies of soups, stews chili, cassolette, roasted meats and vegetables, chicken pot pie, aromatic pastas, potatoes, and rice make their way to the forefront of culinary activity. Grilling, big salads and cold/chilled food consumption declines dramatically as people want to warm their tummies and enjoy more “comfort foods.” As the temperature drops, there is an innate hunger that craves warm, savory selections of foods and beverages. At the Golden Pear Cafes, we pivot away from cold food preparation to meet this demand, and ramp-up preparation of our eclectic selection of gluten-free soups, turkey and chorizo chili, cheesy mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, New England beef stew, herbs and garlic roasted chicken, and classic meatloaf. My team ensures the most delectable menu of food, because we only use the finest ingredients and are guided by centuries-old, slow-food, cooking techniques. Our goal is to make you happy—gastronomically! 

Enclosed in this blog is my recipe for New England Beef Stew. Be prepared to spend a few hours creating this delicious meal that can be saved for days or months and enjoyed later. The recipe is for 10-12 servings, so if there is just two of you, you will have a few meals to enjoy. This recipe freezes very well for months. I love stew because it is a complete, healthy meal filled with protein and vegetables. Warm French baguette or Tuscan bread with butter or extra virgin olive oil is a perfect accompaniment! My next blog will feature recommendations for holiday entertaining. Bon Appetito! Keith


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