Happy New Year! As the holidays come to a close and we ring in the new year, we foodies in the Hamptons look forward to the peace and quiet and find joy in the preparation and ingestion of roasts, soups, chilis and stews. There is nothing quite like a rich, hearty, beef stew with warm crusty French baguette and sweet butter, eaten by a warm fire. My wife, Anne, and I take turns preparing some of our favorites and this winter I have been preparing the most amazing pizza on our outdoor grill. My pizza dough recipe is included for you. Give that a try; you may never eat pizza anywhere ever again!

The Hamptons landscape, bare of autumnal color, reflects the bleakness of winter.  Bare tree limbs reaching up into the grey skies, a snow fall here and there, temperatures fluctuating between bitter cold and mild freezing. It’s very different from the vibrant colors and sounds of summer and autumn. I miss the many birds that leave us for the south and my mornings are not the same without their chirping and calling to each other and dancing around our birdfeeders. But, despite the dreariness, winter in the Hamptons can be enjoyed by embracing the shorter days, open roads, uncrowded sidewalks, restaurants and local shops, and walks or drives on the beaches. There is different beauty to appreciate this time of year, and before we know it, the first crocuses will be bursting forth and spring will be here.   Fortunately, I have planned a few trips to Palm Beach to play golf, absorb the sunshine and enjoy a few excellent meals and cocktails. I hope to see you this winter, if not, that’s ok. I’m sure we will meet up at The Pear real soon.  Please let me know how you make out with the pizza!!





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